Thursday, November 1, 2007

My good bad day.

So Holloween Morning, I wake up and head to work at 7:30 a.m. As I get into the car i see that my passenger door is slightly open,then I notice that my glove compartment is open.....I didn't even want to register what this meant.I leaned over and my CD player was gone,with just the wires hanging out.My 300 pluss CDs and my laptop are gone.Sad right?I thought so.I gave myself a good 15 minutes to cry and feel sorry for myself,then I went to work.My friend Chris bought me a carton of ice cream
and kept me laughing with his little shorts with a tail attched,tiger face painting,and mouse ears.That night Scott and I ran around town all night hitting up Trunk or treats,the safe Holloween at Pioneer Village,and hanging out with some good friends.So even though I lost a lot of valuable stuff,I had a great time once I got my mind off of it.Hope you al enjoyed that moral lesson for the day.


abutler said...

Oh my Gosh Molly, I'm so sorry. What are you going to do without your laptop? I hope you made a police report.

Andrew Waite said...


Emily said...

OH SNAP!! I'm sorry!!! It sounds like you are taking it pretty good. Yes, I hope you filed a police report. Bummer.

TimW8 said...

So Sorry that happened maybe you can come up with a creative shirt to express your feelings like.

"Getting Robbed Sucks!"

I don't Know.

Check out my blog for the details of the Waite Family Reunion T-Shirt Designing Contest.
I guess you can probably come up with something creative.

Amanda said...

Poor Molly. You had a good attitude about it though. Love ya.