Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Juicy Info

So Anna tagged me in hopes to make me make my blog more interesting...so here it goes.

1.I love the smell of gasoline more than most perfumes.Sick,unhealthy,weird...I know.
2.I'm ridiculously tickelish.Don't even think about it if you want to keep on speaking terms with me.
3.I obbsses over songs.I find one that I like then I can't stop listening to it until I find another one.
4.I feel a weird connection with Jade stone.
5.I bite my nails all the time.It doesn't matter whether I am stressed,anxious,excited,tired,hungry,etc..I just nibble all day..yummy.
6.My favorite meal to eat is fully loaded burritos.I'm talking beans,rice,cheese,guaco,sourcream,plain yogurt,lettuce,and other assorted vegetables.



TimW8 said...

Whoa, it's weird we have so many things in common and I didn't even know it. Thanks for helping last night.

Andrew Waite said...

i used to love the smell of gas... not so much anymore... i guess all the brain cells that liked it are dead now.

abutler said...

Thanks for playing...now keep up the blogging. I need more Molly.

Amanda said...

I also like the smell of gas! The kind that comes out of pumps at the station. I also am terribly ticklish. I hate being tickled. It hurts and it brings back memories of being tortured by Sherod. And I obsess about songs too. That's 3 things that I have in common with your "juicy info". Wow. What's your phone number?

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing a little bit of Molly. Let's see some pictures now.

Memzy said...

I prefer the "other" kind of gas. But that's just me.