Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So my last post was super winey, and now I need to say thank you to the people who made it all better. First off I would like to say thank you to my amazing mother in-law. I don't care what anyone says, I have the best mother in-law..ever. She has always made an extra effort to make us feel loved. She always makes it out for birthdays, and other special occasions. No matter how inconvenient it is for her. She sent us a sweet card for our anniversary. She always loads us up with an excess of food every time we stop by. She even came all the way out to Ventura to help Scott and I write all of our thank you cards. We were at it for 10 hours straight. Even through all of their struggles, they make sure we are fine, and help in any way they can. Thank you mom and dad Moffat!
Second I would like to thank our amazing friends. Brenton and Holton came out to Ventura on their one day off, to help us move. They brought a trailer, helped us load all of our stuff, then take it all the way to Bakersfield and unload it at two different stops. It took us a day and a half. I don't know what we would have done without those guys. Thank you Brenton and Holton!
Thirdly I would like to thank our friend Zach who has taken us in for the summer. We would be homeless if not for him. Need I say more? We are more grateful than we can express. Thanks Zach!
Fourthly I want to thank our sweet friend Gwen who has taken us in for the last coupe of days of Scott's school. Thanks also to her awesome roomates who have tolerated a married couple and their three pets to invade their space for a week.
Last, but far from least we want to thank Nana for letting us borrow her truck to move all of our junk. Thank you so much Nana!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Month from Hell.

OK, so a lot has gone down this month, and most of it was bad. We are reaching the tail end of most of our problems, or so we hope, and we have learned a lot, and learned to appreciate a lot more. I will give you a brief re-cap. First I blacked out and had a mini seizure, and was rushed to the urgent care just to have a urine sample done, and told I had a bladder infection. Then I flew out to help my amazing sister with her four kids for the weekend. One kid broke her toe, another had the stomach flu, and I was rushed to the ER in an ambulance because I busted an artery in my nose. Nothing we did could stop the bleeding. The upside is that Steve Young's older brother was the doctor who cauterized my non-numbed nosed. Thanks doctor Young! So with no health insurance, you can probably guess that this month was a little out of our budget. Then we get a court notice in the mail over a fix-it ticket for a broken headlight that we got in kernville. We had lost the ticket and totally forgot about it, so we had to go back up to Kernville to go to court. Scotty had to miss school just two weeks away from finals. They told us we owed $722.00 and told Scott he had to come back in later that day to appear in front of a judge. While we were waiting to go back to court we got a call from our landlord. He told us that our roomate had complained that the house was too crowded, that the animals are too much, and that we had agreed to only live there for four months when we moved in. This is all bull. This particular roomate was only home 4 days out of the entire month, and I only saw her twice. Crowded? The understanding we had was that Scotty had school for 3 years. Four months? We have an awesome dog who doesn't dig,bark,chew,poop in the house, or create any other sort of a nuisance. Then there is our rabbit who hides in the bushes all day. Then the duck. The duck had got on the deck while we were out of town (at court), and had pooped on the deck. When we got home it took me two minutes exactly to spray the deck off. No stains. That apparently had been the last straw. Crazy how something that took two seconds to fix had been the final deal breaker. So thanks a lot snotty roomate for the great communication. So now I am sitting in the midst of my packing, and needed to vent a little bit before I broke something. Scott has decided to take the summer session off of school. We are going to move back to Kernville and save up, and find a house for the following session back in Santa Barbara. We have a lot of support from friends, and even my trainer at the ranch has offered a temporary spot for the duck and rabbit while Scott finishes his last two weeks of school. I wish these things weren't necessary in order to grow and learn, but I am glad that I have my best friend to go through all of it with me. I know we will find a better home for us and our pets. Where we have normal roomates who don't leave nasty notes on our door because Scotty walks too loud, or puts the toilet seat down too loud. Who the frikk does that?! Or better yet, no roomates! Sorry for the novel of self pitty, I just needed to get it off my chest. We have faith this is all for the better. I love and miss you all. I hope your month was better than mine!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A couple things

I am now working at a ranch as a groom, and in exchange they have given me my own horse to ride. It has been so long since I have ridden. There was a time when I rode more than I walked,and it feels good to have my feet back, all 4 of them. Our mountain closed this last saturday, so no more snowboarding three days a week. Scotty is loving his new session in school. We are working on getting our garden ready for our new starters. I wish I had some more exciting news to share, but I don't. I love and miss all of you.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I have an idea.

First off I would like to say that Scott and I had so much fun with Shed and his family this past weekend! Thanks for finally coming up you guys! Rliez is an AMAZING snowboarder!We both really miss seeing you more often, and we miss seeing the rest of our brothers ,and their families, who live in the town we drive through every weekend and never see. So we have come up with an idea to see every one and do something fun. It seems that everyone is getting into running, and I wnat in! I propose that we meet every Saturday evening around 6ish in someone's neighborhood, and go walking together. I mean everyone;Andy, Amber, babies, Tim, Brenda, baby, Amy, baby, Sherod, Emily, Boys,and Sambo. I claim Jesse. What do you guys think? We are coming up to the reunion, then down to Women's Conference! I miss my sissys! We love you all, and hope all is well.

P.S. Scott blessed the sacrament for the first time today and got it perfectly! He also finished his last sesion with an A+...sorry, I like to brag ;).