Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So my last post was super winey, and now I need to say thank you to the people who made it all better. First off I would like to say thank you to my amazing mother in-law. I don't care what anyone says, I have the best mother in-law..ever. She has always made an extra effort to make us feel loved. She always makes it out for birthdays, and other special occasions. No matter how inconvenient it is for her. She sent us a sweet card for our anniversary. She always loads us up with an excess of food every time we stop by. She even came all the way out to Ventura to help Scott and I write all of our thank you cards. We were at it for 10 hours straight. Even through all of their struggles, they make sure we are fine, and help in any way they can. Thank you mom and dad Moffat!
Second I would like to thank our amazing friends. Brenton and Holton came out to Ventura on their one day off, to help us move. They brought a trailer, helped us load all of our stuff, then take it all the way to Bakersfield and unload it at two different stops. It took us a day and a half. I don't know what we would have done without those guys. Thank you Brenton and Holton!
Thirdly I would like to thank our friend Zach who has taken us in for the summer. We would be homeless if not for him. Need I say more? We are more grateful than we can express. Thanks Zach!
Fourthly I want to thank our sweet friend Gwen who has taken us in for the last coupe of days of Scott's school. Thanks also to her awesome roomates who have tolerated a married couple and their three pets to invade their space for a week.
Last, but far from least we want to thank Nana for letting us borrow her truck to move all of our junk. Thank you so much Nana!


samandlysander said...

Wow I just caught up on your blog and it sounds like you guys went through a hellish month. I'm glad things are finally looking up for you both. It's always great to have a good support system to help you through the tough times.

Emily said...

Where's my "thanks for nothin'?"

Glad things are starting to look up. Have you found my phone number yet?

Just wondering.

Memzy said...

I'm glad things are going a little bit better. If you are ever in bako make sure to call or stop by. We'd love to see you!!

ShelBailey said...

I dunno, I might argue with you for the best mother in law ever.

Glad you've got helpers to help you out. Don't forget we love you up here, too. Come visit!

Andrew Waite said...

What? You're not going to thank the Academy, The good lord Jesus, and everyone who believed in you from the beginning?

molly said...

Amen Drew. The phone works both ways Mimi, and thank you again for the super sweet post, I love you tons.We would love to come see you guys Memzy! Oh and I wanted to say thank you to mom and dad for letting us store our stuff in their garage!

Anna B said...

Hey it's me Blythe! That's so cool! You should totally check out my blog at blythebutlersblog.blogspot.com! Yeah!